Inspire and Delight

We encounter so much joy and happiness at The 519 throughout the year. We are a space for change, where many different kinds of events and gatherings take place on a daily basis.

Our Family Resource Centre is filled each week with the inspiring energy, laughter and creativity of children. Our programs celebrate throughout the year with movie nights, craft parties, fashion shows, and karaoke.

The hallways quietly echo with music when Counterpoint Community Orchestra and Singing Out meet for practice and rehearsals. The floorboards spring to life with dance and movement from community groups Rainbow Ballroom Toronto, Triangle Squares, Swingin'OUT and ILL NANA/DiverseCity Dance Company.

There are colourful birthday parties, pubs, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, weddings, volunteer fairs, craft fairs, film screenings, retirement parties and staff get-togethers throughout the year under the sparkle of the chandeliers in our Grand Ballroom.

We learned to create and make so many crafty things with you this year - crochet, sewing, silk screening, button making, animation, and quilting - and we look forward to even more engaging craft opportunities in the months ahead.

Thank you for your smiles and your support, and the many ways you inspire us and each other.

From all of us at The 519, our best wishes for a happy, healthy and hopeful New Year.

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December 29th 2016
Queer and Trans Families, happy new year, happiness