Gender Equity in the City of Toronto Budget

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  • this event will be held at The 519  - Room 106
  • no registration required
  • refreshments will be available
  • ASL interpretation and childcare will also be provided


Ward 27 will host the City of Toronto's first public forum on Gender Equity in the City Budget. This is an opportunity to engage in a discussion to incorporate an intersectional gender equity lens in the City of Toronto Budget. A gender equity lens in the City Budget means resources are better allocated to better serve all residents. City services, programs and infrastructure have direct impact on residents' lives and we want you to be a part of the discussion on creating a more equitable and fair Toronto Budget.


In July 2016, City Council approved a motion by Councillor Wong-Tam to include a gender equity lens in the 2017 Budget. While City Council has made commitments to achieve gender equity, the budget lacks the significant investment necessary to empower women and girls. Cities across the world have incorporated gender lenses in their budgeting processes with the purpose of increasing gender-equity.

This motion is a major opportunity to join cities across the world to promote gender equity by rethinking how spending and revenues impact Toronto’s families – especially women and girls in the City.

In Ward 27 we are working closely with groups and activists from across Toronto to ensure that the City incorporates an intersectional gender equity framework. This framework will acknowledge and analyse the social, cultural and economic identities women and men face and seek to redress these through careful allocation of public resources. This would encourage decision-makers to think about the multiple ways both men and women experience the impact of the City's budget, which include municipal policy areas such as transit, housing, capital spending on roads and infrastructure, taxes and user fees and how programs and services support or exclude women, girls, boys, men, and other genders. It is important that everyone has fair access to city resources, and that we work together to ensure these resources are creating a City where everyone can prosper.

We look forward to seeing you on January 19, 2017 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at The 519 Community Centre.

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